Cooling effect is useful for relieving muscle fatigue after exercise or physical exercise and massage the skin on the back and tense joints.for massage on muscle fatigue, tense back and joints.With nourishing organic hemp seed oil.


For the massage of aching joints, muscles and tendons.Softens and refreshes the skin, on rheumatic pains.Contains additional amount of hemp oil. 

Shower Gel

Hemp shower gel, shampoo and body milk with organic hemp oil and D-panthenol.  D-Panthenol - Provitamin B5, moisturizes and softens. It regenerates, accelerates the natural regeneration of cells. Removes unpleasant itching and reduces irritation and redness.


Hemp salve with chili is ideal for muscles and joints. 100% natural - without petroleum ingredients and palm oil. With CBD content.The ointment has slightly warming properties thanks to chili additive. Has a positive effect on the overstressed musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, joints and bones). Proven help for active athletes and hard-working people.


This either cooling or warming CBD gel which contains 50 mg of CBD can be massaged onto muscles to relieve muscle tension or swelling. Furthermore it combats feelings of fatigue after physical activites. 

Hemp Lipbalm

This Lipbalm contains Beta-Carotin and D-Panthenol. This efficiently helps to regenerate and treat cracking and generally dry lips. 

CBD Cream

This Moisturizing cream is rich in CBD, containing 125mg. This furtherly aids to treat very dry skin areas.