California’s seeds

 for Europe’s collectors

 The vanguard of California cannabis — Purple City Genetics is a cannabis collective founded in Oakland, California. Since 2008, we’ve built an international following by consistently selecting exceptional seed and clone stock for the best cultivators in the world. 

 Archive Collection SS20–22 

 All the goodness 

The Archive Collection contains the best varieties from all of our past seed collections. We continue production and sale of Archive genetics because these seeds have universal desirability and are the staples of our European offerings.

 Gush Mints S1
 Type:  Indica Hybrid / Feminized 
 Finish  9–10 weeks 
 Genetics:  Kush Mints x F1 Durb x Gushers 
 Terp Profile:  Creamy gas and kushy candy 
 Notes:  Purple flowers / Huge yield / Over 30% THC 

 Velvet Lushers
 Type:  Indica Hybrid / Feminized 
 Finish  9 weeks 
Genetics:  Gushers x Gush Mints 
Terp Profile:  Gush Mints dominant but with more gas 
Notes:  Purple flowers / Great bag appeal 

 Blueprint S1 
 Type:  Indica Hybrid / Feminized 
 Finish:  9–10 weeks 
 Genetics:  Runtz x (F1 Durb x Gushers)
 Terp Profile:  Tart candy and gas 
 Notes:  Strong yield, vigorous plant /  High THC